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The evolution of ….. snow

From the Mobile Team Here in London, we don’t often get snow. This time of the year, it’s usually, rain, rain, cold, more rain, and on occasion, the classic ‘London fog’. So we really get excited when instead of getting soaked … Continue reading

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WifiMapper, one year later

Only one year ago WifiMapper was first released into public beta on iOS and Android – it’s so grown up now! (sniffle sniffle – hand me a tissue, will you?) Sentimentality aside, we’re really proud of how far the app … Continue reading

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MWC 2016 Fiesta! Networking and Events

Going to MWC 2016? We’ll see you there! Come by our booth in the UKTI Innovation Pavilion, or meet us at one of the MWC parties and events we’ll all be attending! Speaking of parties – what/where/when/who? Here is OpenSignal’s … Continue reading

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Almost a New Year, almost new maps!

As many of you will know, a few months ago we ran a survey to determine the best new design for our coverage maps. We were looking to improve the colour scheme, the granularity, and the colour of areas where … Continue reading

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Results are in! Summer / Fall Translation Challenge

Hello OpenSignallers! Many of you have probably noticed that the OpenSignal app family (OpenSignal, WifiMapper, and WeatherSignal) comes in your language. This is all thanks to our fantastic translation community that have, since we started our localisation efforts, translated and … Continue reading

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LTE network performance – does GDP play a role?

We’re following up on our Q3 State of LTE report by examining our LTE network data against other metrics that we think may explain some of the results we are seeing. On Wednesday, Kevin compared the performance of the first 20 mobile … Continue reading

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OpenSignal iOS update! Version 2.3 Released

If you are an OpenSignal iOS user, we’ve got some exciting news. Today we released version 2.3 of our OpenSignal iOS app. So what has changed? A LOT! Okay, okay – here are the top four things that we’ve added, fixed, … Continue reading

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State of Mobile Networks Report, Brazil

Today OpenSignal releases the first instance of a new type of report: country-level network performance reports, which will be published for different countries on a monthly basis. The first country showcased in these reports is Brazil, with a fast-growing telecommunications sector … Continue reading

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App Update! WifiMapper iOS 1.0.3 released

A new version of WifiMapper on iOS is out! We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes – it may not be immediately obvious, but the app is now smoother and slicker. We’ve really listened to you, our users … Continue reading

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No Signal?! How about a new cell tower…

Continuing with the theme of solutions for no signal (started by the post No Signal?! Top things to try), I’d like to explore a much more permanent option for improving signal, albeit one that takes much longer and has a … Continue reading

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