The State of LTE March 2015

This year’s State of LTE report, published today, illustrates that there is a high degree of variation between LTE networks worldwide, both in terms of speed and coverage. While 4G LTE is considerably faster than 3G, it still lags someway behind the speeds promised in the initial excited burst of advertising – with no nation averaging speeds faster than 18 Mbps.

In the report we see South Korea as the first nation to achieve nearly 100% experienced LTE coverage – with the average user having access to LTE 95% of the time, an extremely impressive achievement. LG U+ are the best network in South Korea in terms of coverage, with the average user experiencing over 99% time on LTE.

For Speed we see Spain as the fastest nation worldwide (18Mbps), with Vodafone ES the fastest network globally with speeds of 25.2Mbps. Norway’s NetCom also performs extremely well for speed – averaging 23.6 Mbps.

In terms of US networks T-Mobile perform the best for speed, averaging 10Mbps and Verizon perform best for coverage – with their users having access to LTE networks 86% of the time.

Our report also finds that the average global LTE speed is 9.3 Mbps, almost 4 times faster than the average 3G speed.

Read the full report here –

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